Delivering successful customer-centric business models by combing the art of understanding customers with the analytical rigor to ensure successful and sustainable delivery.

Analytics-Enabled Journey Mapping

Customers are dynamic.  Customer journeys should be too.  While traditional marketing approaches define customer-segment specific journeys. We believe at Kepler Cannon that customers deserve a unique and tailored journey based on their specific needs, actions, and experiences with a company.  We leverage advanced analytical techniques such as Machine Learning and Random Forest modeling, that respond in real-time to the unique milestones and life experiences of individual customers, making client servicing more personal.

Customer Loyalty Measurement & Improvement

Kepler understands that just measuring customer satisfaction isn’t enough – businesses must choose the right metric and measure for the right purpose and in the right context to maximize business value.  We believe there are three key parts to doing so:

  1. Analytically identifying which metric (NPS, CXi, CES, CSAT, etc.) drives key business performance measures such is Share of Wallet, Reduction in Attrition, or other targeted business goals is a critical to maximizing value.
  2. Developing a clear measurement framework that captures loyalty metrics at the relationship, interaction, or advisor/relationship level is key to being able to effect operational and strategic change
  3. Designing an external benchmarking measure (which will differ from internal measures) will help to provide an informed comparison of progress across peers.

Customer Value Proposition Definition & Operationalization

The foundation of developing long-lasting customer relationships is deeply rooted in the ability to articulate and deliver on a defined set of customer promises that align with customer needs. While many firms have this value proposition articulated, Kepler Cannon’s deeply operational approach helps to develop detailed experiences for all customer interactions – whether they be advisory, sales-related, or operational – meet these promises in a tangible way, ensuring what companies say is what they actually do.

Customer Engagement & Latent Customer Value

Kepler’s proprietary latent customer analysis leverages data from disparate sources – customer data, marketing & HR data, web traffic analysis, surveys and more – to identify latent opportunity in an existing customer base.

We also firmly believe in measuring and moving the needle on engagement (across all channels and interactions). Engagement is a leading indicator of customer loyalty and can quickly be actioned on using detailed analytics to immediately drive deeper customer relationships. Our proprietary engagement metrics such as CEI (Customer Engagement Index) help to pinpoint, measure, and action this at a granular customer level.


average number of people a happy customer tells about their experience

customers who would pay more for a better customer experience

10 x

probability of selling to an existing customer vs. a new customer

Perspectives: Customer Engagement