Using our philosophy of strategic execution to help define and rapidly bring strategic efforts and transformations to fruition.

New Product Design & Operationalization

Kepler Cannon combines deep industry knowledge and analytically derived product attributes based on customer interactions, activity, and survey inputs.  We leverage this data and information not only to design the product, but to build in depth business cases based on granular customer-level data that can give meaningful insight into the expected business impact of proposed offerings.

Given our industry experience and the scar tissue of our team’s C-suite executives, we know that product design and strategy is only the start.  Being able to effectively operationalize and deliver a new offering requires detailed operational planning and execution definition. Our product knowledge has given us a deep understating of typical roadblocks and key questions to be answered. We leverage this knowledge to fast-track build-out and attack key issues with great efficiency and efficacy.

Business Transformation

Whether it is a spin-off, merger, or internal reorganization, large organizational changes benefit significantly from applying the lens of strategic execution we bring to the table.  Our C-suite executives have real-life experience with large transformations, and our consultants are deeply knowledgeable of the industry and effective change management to ensure seamless success. Most importantly, however, we understand how critical it is to integrate and partner with the core teams we work with throughout a large transformation. We view ourselves as an extension to your team, not just a group of advisors; we believe in collaboration to drive success.

IT Strategy & Transformation

The foundational backbone of any financial services firm in today’s day and age is strong technology environment and gg-forward strategy.  With many of the top firms in the industry spending over $1B USD in technology spend, there is tremendous opportunity for waste, inefficiency, and misguided spend that is not aligned with the core vision of the firm.

Kepler Cannon works seamlessly with business and technology leaders to develop detailed, in-depth, and actionable IT strategy roadmaps, with quantifiable growth enablement, savings and efficiency gains, and other business & organizational impacts.  These roadmaps can entail infrastructure overhauls, core platform changes, application rationalization, and key capability build-outs required to successfully and efficiently deliver against the business strategy.

Investment Portfolio Optimization & Rationalization

Firms spend billions of dollars on change initiatives every year. However, applying a strategic lens to ensuring that each investment dollar is likely to lead to the greatest possible ROI is not something that is always done methodically or effectively.  We help our clients streamline and target their investment in the most meaningful areas by developing robust business cases to help quantify the impact of each initiative.

26 %

higher profitability at companies with successful digital transformation, as opposed to traditional business models


number of times the words "agile", "disrupt", and "adapt" were mentioned in the annual reports of the top 20 global banks

percentage of Fortune 500 businesses from 1950 that are still in business. Transformation is key to keeping your business model sustainable in the future.

Perspectives: Strategy & Transformation