Applying advanced strategic, analytical, and P&L-driven thinking to achieve the next frontier in efficiency gains.

Operating Model Design & Process Reengineering

Efficiency does not always mean headcount reduction or compromise in quality. Reducing error rates, streamlining operations, optimizing geographic footprints, and automating time consuming activities can all help deliver greater efficiency. Kepler Cannon uses a data-driven approach to measure and quantify the skill, quality, value, and cost of operational activities and identify opportunities for greater efficiency.

AI-Based Process Optimization & Efficiency

Traditional methods of outsourcing, offshoring, and rules-based automation do not yield the same level of efficiency gain as they used to. With many firms already operating at a relatively efficient level, Kepler Cannon also helps its clients identify and flesh out the employment of advanced automation techniques to reduce errors and manual effort such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Generation as the next frontier in efficiency gains.

Asset Monetization: Sale & Leaseback of Key Functions or Home-Grown Applications

By nature of how business models have evolved, a number of non-core/non-strategic functions, services, or even applications exist in firms that can generate significant value in the external marketplace through productization and sale to a third party firm. This can reduce regulatory and expense overhead as well as distraction from the delivery of the core value proposition. Kepler Cannon has worked with our clients to identify, value, find buyers, deliver lift-outs of such functions, and ultimately lease back the services for business continuity.

35 % +

potential cost savings that can be realized by moving to a  shared services model

$ 0

marginal cost per transaction after successful AI or robotics implementation

Perspectives: Efficiency & Monetization