Sustainably building outsourcing, risk management, and vendor partnerships to maximize value

Tech Sourcing

Technology sourcing – including infrastructure, telecom, and resourcing – is meant to reduce costs but often drives them up.  Kepler’s team of C-Level industry veterans combined with our advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms allow Kepler to rethink your tech sourcing for you – resulting in reduced costs anywhere from 20-80%, plus a sustainable sourcing strategy that will ensure growth and technological advancement and innovation for years to come.

SLA Optimization & Large Contract Negotiation

Legacy service level agreements too often result in poorly targeted spend and poor value, and billion-dollar multi-year contracts are on the rise. We have reverse-engineered vendor economics, disaggregated end-to-end processes, creative solutions to scoping vendor vs. client responsibilities, complex spend and contract analytics to enable vendor agreements with sustainable savings.  Kepler’s extensive experience with vendors, procurement departments, and companies across the globe gives us the know-how to negotiate with third parties, trim procurement spend, and ensure that every dollar going towards a third-party is spend in the best interests of your company.  

Outsourcing & Sustainable Sourcing

Organization-wide sustainability and financial performance no longer exist at cross-purposes. We design processes that meet sustainability targets, while taking advantage of tax incentives and economic green sourcing efficiencies.

of Chief Procurement Officers who believe their team does not have the ability to carry out their procurement strategy

procurement departments that have limited visibility beyond their Tier 1 suppliers

Perspectives: Third Party Management