Our origins.

Transforming businesses to compete for tomorrow.

Not every problem is visible.  We use data and analysis that goes beyond the obvious, uncovers issues, and frames them in a way that they can then be solved.

In the past 30 years, the careers of Kepler Cannon’s founders decussated at several firms such as McKinsey and Mitchell Madison. In that time, we saw in each other kindred client service spirits, each sought an environment that would cherish our values. Eventually, we decided to trailblaze. When we were thinking about a name that would best describe our approach, we were reminded of two famous astronomers, Johannes Kepler and Annie Jump Cannon, who changed the way we see the world.

Johannes Kepler
Annie Jump Cannon

500 years ago, Johannes Kepler used his analytical acumen to debunk the theory that planetary orbits were circular, invented a telescope, and combined once disparate fields: astronomy and physics.  100 years ago, Annie Jump Cannon organized every known star, approximately 350,000 of them, into the Harvard Classification Scheme—a system still used today. Both of their revolutionary impacts and rejection of the obvious spoke to our curiosity and ambition to trailblaze. (We’re analytical junkies).

Now, the 100 years of experience between the partners and analytically rigorous team of consultants  bring a unique and innovative perspective to the executive suite.  Kepler Cannon’s strength roots itself in the distinct expertise, passions, and interests of the team – producing a natural synergy and yielding powerful results.

Our Values.

Who we are shapes the work we do.

We are intellectually curious

We have an intense hunger for knowledge – whether it be about cryptocurrency or croissants, we always push each other to learn more. Our trainings, client engagements, and travel experiences help drive this culture.

We innovate

We combine our creative and analytical thinking to relentlessly deliver market-leading, innovative solutions that prepare our clients for near, mid-term, and long-run success.

We enjoy working with our clients & colleagues

Our top priority is delivering tangible results to our clients, and we manage to have lots of fun doing it.  Solving complex problems in a collaborative environment contributes to the friendships our team members have formed, which allows us to add depth and vibrancy to the work environment.

We help our teammates reach their fullest potential

Each team member is seen as a future partner, not just an employee. We will match your commitment to us with all the encouragement and support you need to develop and maximize your potential. In order to develop and keep the best talent, we need to ensure everyone working at Kepler Cannon is fully engaged and developing the skills they need to succeed. Extraordinary effort is made to ensure there are growth opportunities for each and every team member.

Members of Our Team

Our team brings diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences. We bring a unique perspective - and we're fun to work with.