Enabling cutting edge digital experiences through product design & user experience strategy, advanced AI & Machine Learning techniques, and technology enablement.

Product Design & User Experience Strategy

The world of digital is constantly evolving, and companies more than ever before are realizing that simply replicating existing offerings in the digital channel is not enough.  Taking advantage of the unique value proposition of the unique combination of deep industry knowledge and technical expertise we have at Kepler Cannon.

AI & Machine Learning-based experience enablement

Developing truly cutting edge digital experiences requires the underlying infrastructure and platforms to enable truly dynamic and personalized content, and customer-specific interactions. Whereas many digital experiences rely purely on UX design, we are firm believers that UX and AI-targeted content and materials based on the hundreds of pieces of relevant information and data known about clients or prospects need to work hand-in-hand to deliver what the customer needs, when they want it, how they want it, in a low-friction way. Traditional analytical methods cannot take into account hundreds or thousands of dimensions, work with sparse data, or learn & evolve based on use and feedback. We combine AI & Machine Learning with deep product and industry knowledge to bring the most forward-thinking approaches in digital to our clients.

Digital Technology Enablement

We understand the complexity large corporate technology environments pose to making the move to a truly modern digital experience for clients.   Working with legacy platforms, mainframes, cross-firm systems, and multiple infrastructure/platform change initiatives are the norm for our clients, and we’re accustomed to the added complexity.  The solutions we design are immediately actionable and quickly integrate in existing environments and evolve to take advantage of evolving modernization as and when it is available.  The unique tangibility of our solutions are a result of our team composition that is composed of C-suite technology executives with deep scar tissue resulting from delivering years of complex implementations combined with consultants that are change management and technology experts.

19 %

percentage of companies that have completed successful digital transformations

50 %

percent of enterprise revenue that will be driven by digital channels in 2020


predicted growth in Fintech lending - from $15B in 2015 to $150B in 2025

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