Bringing a data-driven approach to helping sponsor firms quickly and tangibly bring strategic value at and across their portfolio companies.

Post-Merger Integration

Kepler focuses on tangible, actionable, and opportunity-specific quantification of opportunity & value from the onset.  Leveraging detailed financials, operational, and product-level data, we immediately quantify P&L impact of all opportunities and prioritize their execution to maximize value of delivery.  We also leverage the c-suite scar tissue and experience of our team based on their years of transforming and growing their businesses through mergers, acquisitions, and even divestitures.

Analytics-Driven Portfolio Company Transformation

We use granular, bottoms-up data to identify and quantify real impact of any transformation we deliver.  Whether it is using deep analytics to derive and define a pricing strategy, identifying and quantifying the value of scaling sourcing and third party purchasing across portfolio firms, or even entering a new market, we extract value and insight from often unstructured, dirty, and granular data.  This entails leveraging, linking, and deriving structured data from disparate sources including, customer transactions, product-level financials, system usage data, marketing performance, third party purchases/costs, etc.). We know the relative immaturity of data collection and rapidly growing firms, and we can help to harness oft overlooked data-driven insights.

Product Design & User Experience Strategy

Our due diligence model leverages three key pillars to extract unique and meaningful insight into a potential acquisition:

  1. Kepler Intelligence specializes in the rapid development of market intelligence and insight, specific to each transaction and firm.
  2. The application of analytics to company financials, customers, and markets helps to provide a granular view to supplement market-driven analysis
  3. Our team’s c-suite executive experience provides a seasoned view of potential pitfalls and opportunities based on years of experience

Together, these three pieces help deliver rapid and highly customized insight into potential deals looking at market, robustness as well as the target’s business model, growth potential , and future exit opportunities.