Via a rigorous data-driven approach, Kepler Cannon provides advisory and support throughout all stages of the transaction cycle – from pre-investment screening and due diligence to portfolio value creation and exit planning. We bring tangible strategic value across portfolio companies with an active management philosophy to maximize growth and exit returns.

Pre-Investment Screening

During the pre-diligence investment screening, we help clients identify and assess investment opportunities via a systematic review of potential targets. Via proprietary research and data, we generate tailored value creation ideas based on the broader sponsor strategy requirements.

Strategic Due Diligence

We have a flexible and data-driven philosophy to due diligence processes. We evaluate investment targets via focused market interviews, proprietary insights and extensive secondary research and analysis – supporting clients from a targeted analysis to fully-integrated due diligence.

    • Technology Due Diligence
    • Commercial Due Diligence
    • Vendor (or sell-side) Due Diligence
    • Value Creation Ideas

Post Merger Integration

We focus on tangible, actionable, and opportunity-specific quantification of value from the onset. Leveraging detailed financial, operational, and product-level data, we rapidly quantify P&L investment impact and prioritize execution to maximize value of delivery. We also leverage the c-suite scar tissue and experience of our team based on their years of transforming and growing their businesses through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Portfolio Value Creation

We help clients develop and execute aggressive growth plans for the first 100 days post-closing to enhance near-term opportunities. Beyond the first 100, we focus on medium-term firm improvements aligned with a tailored exit strategy.

We extract value and insight from unstructured data whether it is using deep analytics to define a pricing strategy, quantifying the P&L of scaling sourcing and third-party purchasing, or entering a new market.

Our services range from short assessments of portfolio company business functions to comprehensive performance turnaround, operational improvement, and product development. We help clients establish competitive positioning, adaptive investment processes, adequate governance structures.

    • Firm Strategy
    • Portfolio Strategy

Exit Planning

We help clients maximize exit returns by advising on planning, preparation, and execution for private auctions and initial public offerings. We align on coherent business plans and offer extensive sell-side documentation for bidders and financers.

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