Why We're Different

The reason why I chose to come to Kepler Cannon, what differentiates it from other firms, is how entrepreneurial it is. After starting my consulting career at one of the largest consulting firms, I knew that moving to a small consulting boutique would result in some pretty big changes. It was interesting to observe and learn the similarities and contrasting elements between the two companies: the opportunities, the culture, the community; overall, the whole experience is different in some form or fashion. However, over my course at the firm, what I’ve learned is that Kepler is able to provide not only strong project consulting work, but also insight into growing a business. Because of this, Kepler is able to accelerate development and enhance performance.


  • Smaller teams but cohesive firm family: Kepler’s teams have less headcount than some of the bigger firms but are delivering large projects just the same. Teams are strategically constructed to optimize efficiency and utilize teammates’ strengths and interests. Because the teams are usually small, teammates get the chance to really learn about who they are working with while forming close working relationships.
  • Greater access to clients and leadership: In consulting, your network is everything. Because working at Kepler puts you on a fast track in development, there are many opportunities to develop relationships with clients as well as internal firm leadership. Having this access builds one’s stakeholder management skills and networking abilities.


  • Cohesive firm: One of Kepler’s priorities is building community and cohesion within the firm. Even though the project teams tend to be small, everybody knows everybody and what everyone else is doing because the company is so close-knit. This was actually the largest change for me when switching companies because I came from a place where you knew perhaps 10% of the people sitting on the same floor of the office as you.
  • Prioritizing Firm & Business Development: It was interesting to see how involved everyone is in firm and business development. This was another really large change for me when transitioning companies. Everyone is engaged and involved with growing the business from all different aspects–there are so many initiatives in place that people have started based on a passion, need, and/or interest. Working on firm & business development also provides the unique vantage of the consulting world and provides an education of the inner workings of the business.


  • More ownership and responsibilities: Because of the small team size and the push for firm/business development activity, there are more leadership opportunities to own more and have more responsibilities. In turn, this cycle of challenges helps accelerate one’s development and progress.
  • Project opportunities – more leadership and same “generalist”: Project work tends to be more specialized but Kepler is a generalist firm, with projects spanning across industries and different scopes.