The Tale of Two Countries – Insurance

The pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for the insurance industry. Experiences of the world’s biggest economies (U.S. & China) offer valuable lessons as to where the…

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Reshaping Wealth Tech

Before the Covid-19 inducted recession, the wealth tech sector was already experiencing a slowdown - both in the number of new startups and total capital raised. Now more than…

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Age of Contactless Mobility

Cities are at a standstill, but they are bound to get moving again. Urban mobility will never be the same, and contactless payments will shape the new normal. Trends are shifting,…

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How to Thrive in the New Normal

Now that Business As Usual is unusual, leaders are forced to re-imagine business models and build ‘winning strategies’ - to not only survive the pandemic but also emerge as…

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The Path to Decentralized Finance

We are on the cusp of a revolution within financial services that will have far-reaching ramifications for the +1 billion unbanked, current models of financial intermediation…

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An Agile Approach to Digitalizing Wholesale Banking

Credit has seen its fair share of ups and downs, from being the crux of financial services, to commoditization and mass distribution, to now being re-engineered. In the realm of…

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Trends in Digitalization of Insurance

For some, Insurance might seem a monolithic industry, but for the ones keeping a close eye on it- Insurance is revamping itself faster than ever! From days when underwriting a…

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Customer Engagement Index

While firms have found tremendous success in using these loyalty metrics to successfully grow customer relationships, they are lagging indicators and provide little help in…

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Strategic Sourcing of a “Difficult” Spend Category

Some clients have even deemed spend reduction in procurement categories like legal services, where recourses and expertise are concentrated within humans not technology, to be…

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Third Party Information Risk Mitigation

It is well known that one way to make better predictions about how your customers, distributors and suppliers will behave, is to augment your own data with that of third parties.

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