Work is important, but so is food.

A year ago, I was adjusting to my new post-graduate life in New York City. In many ways, I’m still adjusting, but a lot has happened in this past year. From leading my first client meeting in Frankfurt to conquering (falling down) the Olympic ski trail at Lake Placid, I have Kepler to thank for helping me accomplish many milestones. My experiences here have led me across the world and allowed me to discover new cities and more about myself. Now as an older (by one whole year!) person, I’d like to share some wisdom from my global travels. Specifically, I’m here to provide you with a city eating guide for three of my favorite cities – Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and New York.




The fifth largest city in Germany, Frankfurt is like most other cities, but cleaner. The food is as diverse as the attractions which can range from the Dialogue Museum, which recreates the experience of being visually impaired to a nightclub housed in the basement of the European Central bank. Some of my favorite restaurants follow.

Best Steakhouse: Buenos Aires

Best Traditional German Fare: Immer Satt

Best Burger + Beer Duo: Der Fette Bulle

Best Thai: Rama V

Best Fancy Just Because: Roomers

Hong Kong


7.2 M

Perhaps one of the most Westernized cities in the East, Hong Kong is a curiosity. People queue in single file lines for the elevators, subways, and restaurants. With 67 michelin starred restaurants and the only three Michelin starred Italian restaurant outside of Italy, Hong Kong is truly a foodie delight. Most of explorations were centered around more local options, which I’ve listed below.

Best Dim Sum, the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant: Tim Ho Wan

Best Soup Dumplings: Paradise Dynasty

Most overhyped: Din Tai Fung

Best Fusion: Chom Chom

Best Seafood Bubbly Brunch: Kitchen at the W Hotel

New York City


8.4 M

New York City, USA. Population: 8.4M

New York. The city with everything. When it comes to food, New York has some of the best and probably some of the worst restaurants in the world. We love to Instagram, consume, and debate our food, so I’m sure many may have other opinions about this list. Here are some of my New York favs.

Best Classic Brunch: Cornelia Street Cafe

Best Affordable Tasting Menu: Traif

Best Bagels: Murray’s Bagels

Best Pizza: Best Pizza

Best Smorgaburg Stand: Outer Borough