Are Your Vendor Risks Under Control?

Investing in vendor risk management today can secure a future brimming with cost-effective, secure, successful and trust-worthy partnerships.

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Mainframe to Microservices

The mainframe-based environment is due for an upgrade at every financial institution. Whether you re-host, re-platform, or fully re-factor these mainframes, adopting a modern…

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Cracking the FedNow Code​

Real-time payments are increasingly recognized as a critical component of modern financial systems, offering speed and convenience in an interconnected digital world. As we…

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ESG in Financial Services​

As the scope of ESG considerations continues to broaden, firms are allocating increased resources to their ESG strategies. This investment is driven by the need to assess shifting…

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AI-magining Financial Services ​

Generative AI has begun changing workflows in the knowledge economy with copywriters, designers, coders, photo, and video editors and even strategists using it to generate and…

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Future-Proofing Healthcare Delivery

The right telehealth platform is critical to meeting patient expectations and providing the best possible provider, patient and administrator experience. Today patients are…

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The GenZ Effect

Gen Z is not merely a younger version of millennials; they are poised to disrupt all aspects of the economy. Companies must therefore adapt in time to cater to the preferences and…

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(AI)ntelligent Procurement

In a competitive business environment, high-performing CPOs are 18x more likely to fully deploy AI/cognitive capabilities. This typically leads to 92% faster demand forecasting,…

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Realizing Your Workforce Strategy

Organizations are now recognizing the limitations in their workforce programs, so are making a concerted effort to develop a contingent workforce strategy, consolidate their…

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Gaming and Financial Services

As younger generations start to play for competition and skill development, there is a rise in payment flows, volumes, and subsequent opportunities arising out of the same.…

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