Money Games

The use of gamification has proliferated across all industries, with retail, entertainment and education leading the charge. Apps like Duo Lingo, Kahoot, Fitbit, Starbucks etc.,…

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Tackling AI Risks in Financial Services

As AI becomes increasingly central to value creation, it also presents some concerns. Instances of AI exhibiting problematic behavior have become more frequent, raising…

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Finding Growth in US Insurance

In the current environment, streamlining the bottom line is no longer enough for US insurers. To find the next wave of growth, insurers must rethink lead generation, agent…

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Data-Driven Post-Merger Integration

A common misconception is that revenue synergies are illusive or “icing on the cake”, primarily because they are more challenging to quantify.

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Solving the Data Conundrum

The last ten years have seen exponential growth in the volume and variety of data that large enterprises process and store, and this rapid expansion has introduced complexity. For…

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Monetizing Data Analytics ​

For several years, it has been said that “data is the new oil” and arguably, the most valuable strategic asset for a business. Whilst getting value out of data might be less…

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The Rise of Blockchain Technologies: Catalyst or Challenge for Card Networks?

To remain competitive in the evolving financial landscape, card networks are uniquely positioned to bridge this gap between traditional payments and new blockchain networks as…

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Platformization of Health Tech

Healthcare organizations must harness the momentum of platforms, embracing unified solutions that may still be evolving. Benefits extend beyond cost savings, paving the way for…

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Digitizing the Back-Office

End-to-end digital transformation is a prerequisite for long term success for financial institutions. To stay competitive, retain customer loyalty, and move the needle from…

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A Borderless World: Opportunities in Cross Border Payments

Significant shifts are underway in the cross-border payments sector, across the demand-side and supply-side. Consumer expectations from domestic payments (instant, fully…

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