Anyone remotely familiar with the consulting world is aware of  the perks of the job – frequent flier miles, fancy suits, and a handsome pay. As part of the cohort that joined the workforce during the pandemic, I haven’t been exposed to the “glamour” of travel and staycations yet, but here’s why I think I made the right choice by kickstarting my career in consulting and that too at Kepler:


Diverse experiencesAs you move from one project to another, you switch geographies, industries, clients and functions – Exposing you to a plethora of businesses and business problems in a very short span. This not only helps you to become smart on industries but also helps you enhance your adaptability and flexibility. You become resilient and smart!


Round the clock training and learning: The learnings in consulting are unparalleled in terms of both speed and scope and on & off the job. While there are tons of formal training programs ranging from learning Excel shortcuts to Power Dressing to Art of Persuasion, the real learning happens in crisis-mode on a project when it is 2 am and you’re building the digital transformation roadmap for a Fortune 500 firm with 4 other consultants – brainstorming, hypothesizing and well, trying to get the Partner to sign off on it. Peer-learning is truly unique to this profession. As you change projects, you change teams which means you actually get to work with and learn from a large set of people.


Access to a powerful network: Not only does consulting expose you to C-level executives of top-tier firms and industry experts, but it also allows you to work closely with the smartest people of the lot who probably graduated at the top of their class, come from diverse backgrounds, and are on their way to achieving great things in life. Through your consulting career, you will build a vast and valuable network of bright, interesting, and inspiring individuals!


Develop transferable skills: A consultant is a detail-oriented problem solver with good communication skills, logical thinking, and a far-sighted approach. At Kepler, consultants aspire for high quality work while keeping sight of the bigger picture, mastering executive level communication, and yielding top-notch results. These skills are easily transferable and come handy in one’s personal and professional life.


Developed resiliency: As consultants, we advise C-Level executives of leading firms around the world, which means that it’s a high-stakes job. Consulting is not for the weak – it demands long hours, dedication and adaptability. The job will help you to push your mental and physical limits as hours turn into days and deck v1 turns into v21. You’ll be a hard worker and a smart worker after just a few months in consulting, making you ready for anything your career has in store for you!


Rapid feedback and advancements: At Kepler, we believe in a culture of meritocracy which means that a job well done is appreciated and rewarded. Unlike promotions in other jobs, the speed at which one progresses in consulting is only limited by one’s own abilities. At the end of each project, you get a full review outlining your strengths and weaknesses which will guide your future projects as well as your trainings.

One-year in consulting is like three in any other profession – consulting offers you a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. As a consultant I’m already shaping the narrative of CXOs and the future of Fortune 500 companies – All from the comfort of my home, but with a longing to soon be enjoying staycations and dinners!