Driving Productivity Through Systems Selection

Procurement often involves multiple disparate stakeholders, systems and protocol. This complexity results in increased reliance on inefficient sourcing processes and only…

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Putting IT Infra Consumers on a Diet

One question seldom asked is “how do I put my (IT infrastructure) customers on a diet?” The demand side is often assumed as a given, and there is with little assessment of (over-)…

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Reducing Strategic Over-Dependence on IT Vendors

Over time, many firms realize that they have become so reliant on vendors/contractor for critical knowledge on key applications, that they have, in fact, ceded control of those…

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Wiser Data Augmentation

It is well known that one way to make better predictions about how your customers, distributors and suppliers will behave, is to augment your own data with that of third parties.

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Are Blockchains Evolving Like Securities Exchanges?

Driven by data security concerns, a majority of financial institutions are now looking at so-called private or hybrid blockchains, rather than fully decentralized public…

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How Global Resourcing May Be Killing Your Company’s Efficiency

As global firms respond to the post-Great Recession regulatory and economic realities, efficiency of the back-office has become critical to ongoing success.

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Third Party Vendor Risk – A Continuous Mitigation Strategy

The last thing any multinational organization wants to worry about are business and compliance risks introduced by third party vendors.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Blockchain (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

As cryptocurrencies and their underlying ledger system gain momentum, many financial institutions are trying to determine how to best be part of this revolution. In particular,…

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Smart Blockchain Contracts: Are We Finally Going Paperless?

Smart contacts offer the potential to facilitate or fully automate processes that are heavily paper-based today, particularly long-winded, expensive legal processes.

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Enabling Growth through Practice Management

In the world of financial advisory, growth strategies often focus squarely on the end client; after all, growth is achieved through new client acquisition or new asset acquisition…

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