Kepler Cannon exists to help our clients solve their previously intractable problems while uncovering latent, unseen opportunities.

Not every problem is visible.  We use data and analysis that goes beyond the obvious, uncovers issues, and frames them in a way that they can then be solved. When we were thinking about a name that would best describe our approach, we were reminded of two famous astronomers, Johannes Kepler and Annie Jump Cannon, who changed the way we see the world.

500 years ago, Johannes Kepler used his analytical acumen to uncover the non-obvious truth that planetary orbits were elliptical, not circular. 100 years ago, Annie Jump Cannon organized every known star, approximately 350,000 of them, into the Harvard Classification Scheme—a system still used today. Each of them spoke deeply to the analytical junkies in us, and equally important, to our natural curiosity and ambition to trailblaze.

Over the years, the careers of Kepler Cannon’s five founders have crisscrossed at several firms such as McKinsey, Mitchell Madison, and their spinoffs. In that time, we saw in each other kindred client service spirits, each sought an environment that would cherish our values. We began to kick around the idea of starting a firm that used the powerful client service model within a culture of true collegiality. Eventually, we took the plunge, pulled the trigger, lit the fuse.

Now, with over 100 years of experience between us, we bring a unique and innovative perspective to the executive suite.  Each of us has distinct expertise, passions, and interests, producing a natural synergy that yields powerful results.

Our Values

At Kepler Cannon, we…

...are intellectually curious

Our teams all have an innate curiosity to learn – both on and off the job. Learning at Kepler Cannon comes in many forms – from our client engagements, our team members, and even our travel experiences.

...exceed client expectations

We are constantly striving to do what is best for our clients, and that means we are there to help them in any way possible to achieve their goals. Our ability not only to meet but consistently go above and beyond what is expected of us is integral to both our clients’ and our own successes.

...enjoy working with our clients and colleagues

Our top priority is delivering results to our clients, but we are firm believers that does not mean we can’t have fun while doing that. Being in a collaborative environment solving interesting and challenging problems sets a strong foundation for this, and we also encourage everyone to share their hobbies and passions with the team to add depth and vibrancy to the everyday work environment. our team members to achieve their fullest potential

In joining Kepler Cannon, you become part of a group that views you as a future partner, not just an employee. We will match your commitment to us with all the encouragement and support you need to develop and maximize your potential. In order to develop and keep the best talent, we need to ensure everyone working at Kepler Cannon is fully engaged and developing the skills they need to succeed. Extraordinary effort is made to ensure there are growth opportunities for each and every team member.