Everything You Wanted to Know About Blockchain (But Were Too Afraid to Ask)

As cryptocurrencies and their underlying ledger system gain momentum, many financial institutions are trying to determine how to best be part of this revolution. In particular,…

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Smart Blockchain Contracts: Are We Finally Going Paperless?

Smart contacts offer the potential to facilitate or fully automate processes that are heavily paper-based today, particularly long-winded, expensive legal processes.

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Enabling Growth through Practice Management

In the world of financial advisory, growth strategies often focus squarely on the end client; after all, growth is achieved through new client acquisition or new asset acquisition…

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Reshaping the Indian Life Insurance Market

The Indian life insurance market is the fifth largest in the world.  Although the per capita premium remains lower than in other emerging markets, the size and growth of India’s…

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The Growing Asian Wealth Management Market: Capturing the Mass Affluent Opportunity

One of the largest and fastest growing wealth segments, the Asian mass affluent, is projected to hold $43.3 trillion in assets by 2020, yet only 20% of all wealth in Asia is…

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Creative vs. Mechanical Analysis

After an experience in one of the world’s largest investment banks, I chose to move to a different environment and industry – management consulting at Kepler Cannon.

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Small Firm, Big Impact

I chose Kepler Cannon because it is the most entrepreneurial firm I've experienced.

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(Not) Selling Life Insurance in Asia

Amidst a boom in insurance business, Asian consumers remain largely underinsured.

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Role Reversal: The Future of US Banks in the Online Lending Market

Following the financial crisis in 2008, Fintech startups gained a lot of prominence globally as consumers started to look for alternatives to traditional banking methods. These…

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The Unbundling of Retail Banking

Not unlike a piece of software, retail banking can be portrayed as a stack comprised of 3 layers, where the complexity of each services can be abstracted into discrete segments…

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