As someone who has spent a grand total of 6 months at the firm, I can promise you 3 things that will happen to you once you join Kepler Cannon.


You will be thrown in the deep end of the pool: Don’t worry – we‘ll give you a life jacket. And you will see a safety rope nearby. And a bunch of life guards will be egging you on. At Kepler, mentorship is ingrained in the culture of the firm. You are expected to teach by learning and learn by teaching. Off the top of my head, I can cite a couple of examples. Long after my project got over, an awesome team mate volunteered to teach me how to do a combination of VLOOKUP and IFERROR. My Principal dropped in an email asking if I was getting enough sleep. And considering how much I have exploited the buddy system, my buddy is probably filing for a revocation of the system altogether.


You will hit the ground running: I got staffed on a project in my second week at the firm, crunched a dataset in the third week and took charge of an important client deliverable in the fourth week. Just when you think you have mastered something, you are onto a task that confuses the living daylights out of you. At Kepler, you are both, constantly and consciously learning.


You will be doing real stuff: Our clients are top notch. The work we do involves solving complex and intractable business problems for our clients. We travel the world to dole out advice (and much more). But you learn just as much from negotiating with real estate brokers and working with external agencies as you do from client engagements. You are building a firm from the ground up – business doesn’t get any more real than that.